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Monday, January 30th, 2012

New Update on the impending release of anticipated book ”WEEVIL AND NIGHTSHADE’S COMPENDIUM OF FARABLES & TALES” by amazing author Mark Roush at New Adjustment Productions.

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I am having a very fun time illustrating Mark’s book, I find it is allowing me to explore a new found passion for dark imagery! Mark’s tales are incredibly deep, stirring and thought provoking; words cannot express how excited I am for the release of the book!

The figurative release date of ‘Weevil and Nightshade’s Compendium of Farables & Tales’  is MARCH 2012!


“Collaboration with Carla Lee has been a consistent joy of mine. Everyday we are discussing her imaginative designs and illustrations which will compliment the farables in Weevil and Nightshade.

Compliment is not the right word… as I believe the illustrations do more than augment the story beyond mere visualization. They have become integral to the story… for while they hold descriptive elements… they will also give the reader a glimpse into the soul of each character.

Even a rat.”

- Mark Roush