Special Hardback Signed Editions of ‘Weevil & Nightshade’s Compendium of Farables & Tales’ Now available!

‘If you are a fan of Edgar Allen Poe, Tim Burton, Aesop’s Fables, and / or Grimm’s Fairy Tales… then you might find yourself enjoying these fine tales.

These farables were written for not only young adults but people of all ages. They are designed to engage the reader is pondering the decisions, actions and consequences of each character. For example, in the farable, “Dream Stalker Robert and his Band of Midnight Walkers”, it could be argued the protagonist actually evolves into more of an antagonist. Robert is wooing a young girl, vexed by her beauty, and relentlessly pursues her – regardless of whether she’s interested in him or not. This invites debate as to whether the reader believes the that the boy is actually courting the girl rather than stalking her, as the pursuit of how relationships blossom have dramatically changed in the past hundred years. The concept and design of each story is meant to invite debate and discussion that can occur through forums and blogs for our readers and thus create debate and further interest in that farable.

The seven farables in this compendium deal with a myriad of subject matters such as stalking, infatuation, inner and outer appearance, abandonment, suicide, betrayal, and anorexia.’

- Mark Roush

Support the work of author Mark Roush and illustrator Carla Lee, Hard bound special edition copies of Weevil & Nightshade are now available! One of the stories from the book, ‘Persephone’ is being made into an animated film and brilliant goodies such as hardbound book copies, dvds of the film, signed limtied edition illustration prints from me and even CHOCOLATES are up for grabs! Support this project by following the link below!


Ending Time: 12th October, so please don’t delay!

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