Latest update on forthcoming book ‘WEEVIL AND NIGHTSHADE’S COMPENDIUM OF FARABLES AND TALES’  that I am illustrating, written by Mark Rousch at New Adjustment productions – read the full post here:

Here in the above link you can also follow Mark’s progress with the making of ‘Both Bitter And Sweet Was Persephone Inside Most Incomplete’ into a short film, which is one of the amazing and haunting farables included in the book.

Carla Lee, our talented and imaginative illustrator, has been consistently feeding me new drawings, concepts, illustrations, and ideas regarding the characters in the book. I have been showing many of the illustrations that Carla has been creating… but I can’t help myself. While there are many that won’t be seen until the books release… peppering my updates with at least one of her creations is always a joy for me.”

- Mark Roush

Estimated release date is Mid 2012! Be sure to get your copy then! Can’t wait!

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